The Still of the Night (Digital/iTunes)

The Still of the Night (Digital/iTunes)

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It's a couple thousand rough miles from Hazzard County to Broadway, and not very many have even attempted the trip. Twenty years after chasing the dusty TV back roads with Boss Hog in endless pursuit, Tom Wopat made a strong impression on Broadway opposite Bernadette Peters in Annie Get Your Gun. But what makes the unlikely journey of Wopat, the former Luke Duke himself, even more gratifying is this collection of pop standards. Though his voice may not have the operatic qualities one expects from a Broadway star, Wopat displays a jazz singer's mastery of its every husky quirk and breathy nuance. More importantly, he understands that songs have to be sold as well as sung, and he rises to the occasion on every cut. The choice of material is just as canny, a smoky late-evening turn through pop and Broadway standards that's reminiscent of Sinatra and Bennett's saloon songs in mood, though Wopat is clearly his own man here. Kudos are also due producer Russ Titleman and his arrangers, whose spare, understated backdrops frame Wopat's deceptively effortless readings to perfection. Life is full of surprises; this is a nice, sexy one.  --Jerry McCulley

 Track List:

1. Let's Fall In Love
2. Where Is Love?
3. Baby It's Cold Outside
4. Anyone Can Whistle
5. Where or When
6. In The Still Of The Night
7. The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
8. Makin' Whoopee!
9. Ruby
10. I Get Along Without You Very Well
11. If These Walls Could Speak
12. For All We Know